Christmas Toy List

Below you can browse all the toys featured on this website - over 100 fantastic toy ideas for Christmas 2012! The list includes this year's top toys, plus some favourites from the last couple of years.


Furby is back! The next generation Furby has LCD eyes, app compatibility, singing, and dancing to music, and developing personality.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

VTech InnoTab 2

VTech's latest tablet has a camera, microphone, and video recorder. It helps children develop core skills through fun games and educational activities.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Moshi Monsters Rox Collector Tin

Look inside this attractive collectors tin and you’ll find eight limited edition crystal moshlings, which have been totally rox-ified!

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch Kids are back! Now you can adopt your very own kid, and be surprised by which doll becomes your own from the Cabbage Patch.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

LEGO Super Heroes The Batcave

Defend the Batcave against Bane’s spinning drill tank by transforming Bruce Wayne into Batman and starting up the Batcycle! Includes 690 pieces.

Age Suitability: 7 years+

LEGO City Garbage Truck

Wheel the bins onto the rear loader, empty the trash into the garbage truck and take it away to the dump. Includes two minifigures.

Age Suitability: 5 years+

Cherry The Cat

Give Cherry her fish biscuit to hear her chew! If she’s not hungry, she'll refuse the food. If you stroke her back she swishes her tail, miaows and purrs happily.

Age Suitability: 3 years+


This six-legged battling robot features attachable weapons that fire up to 30 feet, and a full 360-rotating head for ultra maneuverability!

Age Suitability: 8 years+

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Pirate Ship Bucky

Jake's Musical Pirate Ship Bucky sets sail straight from Never Land to your living room! Bucky is fully equipped to battle Hook and his crew to defend Jake’s treasure!

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Mike the Knight’s Deluxe Glendragon Playset

Make up many Medieval tales & adventures with the Glendragon playset. Slide Mike down his secret slide and get Galahad ready in his stables.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Octonauts Gup X Launch and Rescue Vehicle

Go on an Octonauts adventure with Barnacles and the Gup X Launch and Rescue Vehicle. Includes interactive features and sound effects from the show.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Octonauts Barnacles and Tunip

Clip on Barnacles’ helmet and help him rescue Tunip with the life preserver as the clam sinks and Tunip escapes. Works in water!

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Octonauts Kwazii and the Slime Eel

Clip on Kwazii’s helmet and help him rescue the slime eel as the treasure chest sinks and the slime eel escapes. Works in water!

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Star Harmony B. Sharp

Harmony loves to sing, dance and talk. She can perform five songs, play games and tells jokes, and comes with five interchangeable hair/hat pieces.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

VTech Switch & Go Dinos Lex the T-Rex

This 2-in1 toy changes between a T-Rex and a car in a few simple steps. An LCD screen displays different dinosaurs eyes or the car's driver.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

VTech Switch & Go Dinos Horns the Triceratops

This VTech toy transforms between a Triceratops and a car in a few easy steps. An LCD screen shows different dinosaurs eyes or the car's driver.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

VTech Kidiminiz Prince

Includes prince, sword and dragon. Place the dragon close to the Prince and he will tap it with his sword. The prince's face also changes to a frog's at random.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

VTech Kidiminiz Princess

Includes princess, rabbit and a brush. The princess takes care of her pet, if the rabbit is unkind, her face will change to a sad expression.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Monster High Ghouls Rule Draculaura

The daughter of the prince of darkness totally rocks ‘haunt couture’ in a pink, black and white mini-dress with big bat wings and totally on trend shoe boots.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

Sylvanian Families Daisy Cottage

Daisy cottage makes an ideal first Sylvanian Families home. It comes with a Rhianna Babblebrook rabbit figure, one bed, two chairs, one table, and a removable floor.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Sylvanian Families Campervan

Bundle your favourite Sylvanians on board this pretty, motorhome and zip off to your favourite holiday destination. Includes over 25 accessories.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Twister Dance

Dance to the hottest music with Twister Dance, this awesome version of the iconic game of Twister. Just follow the lights as you step on the moveable spots.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Ravensburger Octonauts 3 in a Box Jigsaws

Three fantastic jigsaw puzzles featuring characters from the much-loved show, including Barnacles, Peso, Kwazii, Tweak, Dashi, and Shellington.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Moshi Monsters My Moshi Home

Customise your very own Moshi home. Change everything from the windows to the doors and even the floors. Includes a posable Poppet figure.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Moshi Monsters Super Moshi HQ

The super moshi HQ includes a ground floor base of operations, an upper level, interactive features, and an exclusive Elder Furi posable figure.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

LeapFrog Leapster GS Explorer

This handheld games console combines cool game play functions with educational features to keep children entertained and parents happy.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

LeapFrog LeapPad 2

The LeapPad 2 encourages children to play and learn. It boasts front-and-rear cameras, a 5-inch touch screen and an impressive library of titles.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

HEXBUG Nano Hive Habitat Set

The Hexbug Nano Hive Playset is a spacious, multi-story habitat that's guaranteed to give your critters an action packed work-out. Comes with one HEXBUG Nano.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail Blaster

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail Blaster is a semi-automatic, motorised beast which is capable of firing Nerf darts at distances of up to 75 feet!

Age Suitability: 8 years+

LEGO Monster Fighters The Ghost Train

The Ghost Train is speeding away with the moonstone! Help Ann Lee and Frank Rock catch it in their acrobatic airplane! Contains 741 pieces.

Age Suitability: 8 years+

LEGO Lord of the Rings The Mines of Moria

Recreate the battle between the Fellowship and the Moria orcs with this 779-piece Lord of the Rings LEGO set. Includes six minifigures and a giant cave troll.

Age Suitability: 9 years+

LEGO City The Mine

Break up the rocks with the drilling machine and load them onto the train, transfer them onto the conveyer belt with the crane, and haul them away with the lorry!

Age Suitability: 6 years+

LEGO City Car and Caravan

Drive into the wilderness with the car and unhook the caravan to go for a quick bicycle ride! Start the camp fire before its time for dinner to roast the sausages!

Age Suitability: 5 years+

LEGO City Dirt Bike Transporter

This set is all about off-road driving. Load the cool dirt bikes (two are included) onto the trailer, hook up with the rugged ATV and hit the trails!

Age Suitability: 5 years+

Angry Birds Space Game

The egg-stealing pigs are out of this world, and the Angry Birds have followed to get their revenge! Building & knocking down structures is the aim of this game.

Age Suitability: 5 years+

LEGO City Forest Police Station

This Forest themed set includes a police station with watchtower, satellite dish, and cell. Plus a jeep, quad bike, helicopter, five minifigures and a bear!

Age Suitability: 6 years+

LEGO Friends Summer Riding Camp

This huge 1112-piece LEGO Friends set includes buildings, a mini-bus, 4 mini-doll figures, 3 horses and lots of fantastic accessories.

Age Suitability: 7 years+

LEGO Friends Olivia’s House

With 695 pieces, this is one of the biggest sets in the LEGO Friends range. The house is built in sections for easy rearranging, and includes Olivia and her parents.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

LEGO Friends Butterfly Beauty Shop

Get the girls all glammed up at the super pretty Butterfly Beauty Shop. The set contains 221 pieces, including two mini-figure dolls - Emma and Sarah.

Age Suitability: 5 years+

LEGO Friends City Park Cafe

The City Park Cafe is the social hub of Heartlake City! It's the workplace of Marie - who runs the venue, and Andrea, who works part time and performs her music there.

Age Suitability: 5 years+

LEGO Friends Heartlake Dog Show

Like a LEGO version of Crufts, this is 183 piece set is where the pampered pooches of Heartlake City are shown off and put through their paces on the obstacle course.

Age Suitability: 5 years+

LEGO Friends Heartlake Vet

When Heartlake's cats, dogs, horses and other creatures need care, this is where they go. This 343-brick set includes two dolls Sophie the Vet, and Mia.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

LEGO Friends Olivia’s Tree House

One of the smaller sets in the LEGO Friends range, this tree-top hideway is the perfect place to camp out. Includes Olivia doll, cat, bird and lots of little extras.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

LEGO Friends Stephanie’s Cool Convertible

Stephanie loves driving through Heartlake City in her Cool Convertible. The 130 piece set also includes Coco the dog, mini carwash, bench and streetlamp.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

LEGO City Garage

The LEGO City Garage includes a working elavator, fuel pumps, carwash, mechanic's workshop, two cars, one camper van and a tow truck.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

Monopoly Millionaire

New for 2012, Monopoly Millionaire amps up the original game with a posh new board, money stacks, A-list lifestyle cards and dream properties.

Age Suitability: 2 years+

LEGO Games City Alarm

City Alarm is a fast and furious cops and robbers chase game. Includes 6 LEGO micro figures, 1 buildable LEGO dice, building instructions and a rules booklet.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

Master Moves Mickey

Mickey has fifteen funky dance moves, eight songs, interactive features, and plenty of humour to get everybody dancing!

Age Suitability: 2 years+

VTech Secret Safe Diary

Keep secrets locked away with the VTech Secret Safe Diary. It features a clever voice activated locking system, QWERTY keyboard, and doubles as an iPod speaker.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

Octonauts Octopod

This Octonauts playset is instantly recognisable as the trio’s aquatic HQ. Includes figures and accessories.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

VTech KidiWatch

The VTech KidiWatch makes learning to tell the time a blast! Includes ten different displays, stopwatch, electronic pet, and a voice recorder.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Web Shooting Spider-Man

Battle the bad guys with The Amazing Web-Shooting Spider-Man. This action figure has not one, but two web shooters for double web-blasting action!

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Barbie Puppy Play Park

Includes Barbie doll with clapping feature, doghouse play set, a large motorised, sound-activated dog, smaller puppy, ball and a bone.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Bat Cave Playset

Imaginext Batcave

This impressive Batcave playset from Imaginext comes with Batman & Robin figures, Batcycle and Batglider.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

VTech Toot-Toot Garage

VTech Toot Toot Drivers Garage

This interactive garage includes a tow-truck that you can push around, drive up & down in the lift, spin on the turn-table or zoom down the winding ramp!

Age Suitability: 1 years+

5 Second Rule Game

5 Second Rule is a brand new board game that proves performing under pressure can be tricky!

Age Suitability: 10 years+

All Around Chuggington Train Set

Chuggington fans will love this Interactive Chuggington train set, which includes their favourite characters!

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Angry Birds Knock On Wood

Players pick a card and then build the structure on it - opponents try to knock it down by launching angry birds at it.

Age Suitability: 5 years+

Animagic Benji My Best Friend

A little West Highland Terrier with big appeal. Benji My Best Friend is the latest pet to pop out of the Animagic stable.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Animagic Sunny My Pick Me Up Puppy

Sunny's touch sensors enable him to react to your presence just like an excitable young puppy would.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Baby Born Mummy Pick Me Up

This clever little doll can sense when her mummy is close - she lifts her arms, and asks to be picked up.

Age Suitability: 3 years+


This simple word game is a little like scrabble for young children, it comes with a funky banana shaped pouch.

Age Suitability: 5 years+

Puppy Water Park

Barbie Puppy Water Park

Barbie Puppy Water Park comes with 1 Barbie doll in pink 2-piece swimsuit, 2 puppies and dinky accessories.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Little Kingdoms Magical Castle

Ben & Holly's Magical Castle

Created by Golden Bear Ben & Holly's Magical Castle playset comes with a wand, five figures and accessories.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Bendaroos Mega Pack

Bendaroos Mega Pack

Bendaroos are flexible, colourful, wax coated sticks that can be used to create models, pictures and jewelry.

Age Suitability: 5 years+

Bop It

Bop It XT

Fans of the original Bop It will love this new model, with extra games, greater challenges and a new 'shake it' function!

Age Suitability: 8 years+

Mr Potato Head

Buzz Lightyear Mr Potato Head

From Playskool, Buzz Lightyear Mr Potato Head comes with arms, eyes, teeth, ears, visor, chestplate and jetpack.

Age Suitability: 2 years+

Finn McMissile

Cars 2 Finn McMissile

Meet Finn McMissile - one minute he's in normal car mode, then in an instant he's ready for attack.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Cars Scalextric

Cars 2 Scalextric

Recreate you favourite scenes from the blockbuster Cars 2 movie with this Cars themed Scalextric Start Set.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Cars Micro Scalextric

Cars 2 Micro Scalextric

This Micro Cars 2 Scalextric has a smaller scale, so takes up less room and is better suited for younger children.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Cars Micro Scalextric

Cars 2 Monopoly

This Cars 2 themed Monopoly is less complicated than the classic board game, so it’s perfect for younger players.

Age Suitability: 5 years+

Cookie Monster

Count ‘N Crunch Cookie Monster

Feed Cookie Monster with his special cookies and watch as he counts out loud and merrily gobbles them up.

Age Suitability: 18 months+


Dave The Funky Monkey

Dave is a cute electronic monkey toy who can sit on your shoulder and interact with your family & friends.

Age Suitability: 5 years+

Sing & Glow Rapunzel

Disney Princess Tangled Sing & Glow Rapunzel

Little girls can recreate the magic of the Tangled movie with this Rapunzel doll! When they brush her hair, she sings a lullaby and glows!

Age Suitability: 3 years+

RC Dalek Strategist

Doctor Who Battle RC Dalek Strategist

This fully functional RC Dalek has full 360 degree movement control and a built-in infrared combat system.

Age Suitability: 5 years+

Ride On Dalek

Doctor Who Ride On Dalek

Children can turn the Dalek through 360 degrees, and drive forward at 3 km per hour indoors & outdoors.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Dr Who Screwdriver

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver

The Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver features a spring loaded extending action and light & sound effects.

Age Suitability: 5 years+


Doctor Who Flight Control TARDIS

The Doctor Who Flight Control TARDIS is the perfect size for five-inch Doctor Who action figures.

Age Suitability: 5 years+

Doggie Doo

Doggie Doo Game

Compete to see who can clear up the most mess in this game that will have adults & kids in fits of laughter.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

My Best Friend Rosie

Everything's Rosie My Best Friend Rosie Doll

Rosie is a funky, plush doll with stripy, spotty, multicoloured hair held in place by a big green button.

Age Suitability: 2 years+

Ring O Rosie

Everything's Rosie - Ring O Rosie Doll

Rosie loves to belt out the theme tune to her hit CBeebies show each time you hold her hands!

Age Suitability: 2 years+

Fab Effex

Fab Effex Variety Pack

Fab Effex is a craft material that can bend, twist, stick & hold it's shape. Kit includes patterns, textures & shapes.

Age Suitability: 6 years+


Fijit Friends

Fijits dance and jiggle about all over the place, and make for some truly priceless moments.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

Fireman Sam Playset

Fireman Sam Deluxe Fire Station

The deluxe fire station playset includes Fireman Sam and Officer Steele figures, plus accessories.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Fireman Sam Rescue Set

Fireman Sam Pontypandy Rescue Set

Become an honorary fire-fighter and help Sam battle a raging blaze in a house complete with collapsing roof & floor.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

My Baby Walk & Giggle

Fisher-Price My Baby Walk & Giggle

My Baby Walk & Giggle can stand up and walks all by herself! She comes with toys, bottle, dummy and blanket.

Age Suitability: 2 years+

Cookie My Playful Pup

FurReal Cookie My Playful Pup

Ideal for little people desperate for a pet, Cookie has all the benefits of the real thing, minus the mess, fuss & smell!

Age Suitability: 4 years+



Like the yo-yos of yesterday, the idea behind Fyrflyz is for children to perform neat tricks with their friends.

Age Suitability: 8 years+

Hexbug Habitat

Hexbug Nano Habitat Set

Every Nano Bug needs a home! Keep your swarm safe with the new Hexbug Nano Habitat Set.

Age Suitability: 4 years+


Hexbug Nano

Hexbug Nanos can skitter around in any direction, move surprisingly fast, and right themselves if they flip over.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Hot Wheels Wall Track

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set

Mattel got their creative thinking caps on and came up with the ingenious idea of sticking their cool crash car circuits on the wall.

Age Suitability: 4 years+


iball 3 Electronic Game

The iball3 is a handheld puzzle game that’s so simple, but so infuriatingly tricky, that it’s impossible to put down.

Age Suitability: 8 years+

Ravensburger Jolly Octopus

Jolly Octopus Game

Named one of the best games by the British Toy & Hobby Association, Jolly Octopus is a fun game for all the family.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Kung Zhu Arena

Kung Zhu Pets Battle Arena

The Kung Zhu Hamsters need somewhere to fight each other, and the Kung Zhu Arena is the perfect place!

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Blossom Flowerpot

Lalaloopsy Blossom Flowerpot Doll

Blossom Flowerpot loves digging in the dirt and looking after her garden & she comes with her pet butterfly

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Crumbs Sugar Cookie

Lalaloopsy Crumbs Sugar Cookie Doll

There’s nothing Crumbs loves more than inviting her friends over for tea and home-made cakes.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Marina Anchors

Lalaloopsy Marina Anchors Doll

Marina is all kitted out in true sailor style in a flouncy dress, red and white striped top and blue flared skirt.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Misty Mysterious

Lalaloopsy Misty Mysterious Doll

Crafted from a real magician’s cape, Misty Mysterious came to life when her very last stitch was sewn.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Sahara Mirage

Lalaloopsy Sahara Mirage Doll

Sahara’s gorgeous costume consists of cute purple pants overlaid with dusky pink, floaty fabric and bright pink belt.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Silly Hair Crumbs Sugar Cookie

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Crumbs Sugar Cookie Doll

Crumbs Sugar Cookie's bright pink hair will bend in all directions curly, wavy or straight. Comes with a pet mouse.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Silly Hair Jewel Sparkles

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Jewel Sparkles Doll

Sewn from a real princess' dress, Jewel Sparkles comes with hair accessories and her pet Persian cat.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Tippy Tumblelina

Lalaloopsy Tippy Tumblelina Doll

Girly and gorgeous, Tippy Tumbleina was lovingly crafted from a real ballerina’s tutu on 02/02 (tutu, get it?).

Age Suitability: 4 years+

LeapFrog Leaptop

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop

Children aged 2-4 years old will have hours of fun playing " grown up" with thier own laptop from LeapFrog.

Age Suitability: 2 years+

My Puppy Pal Violet

LeapFrog My Puppy Pal Violet

Squeeze Violet the Puppy's left paw to hear songs, or squeeze her right paw to play educational games.

Age Suitability: 6 months+

Big Bentley Bust Out

LEGO Cars 2 Big Bentley Bust Out

Includes Lightning McQueen, Agent Mater, Finn McMissile, Holley Shiftwell, The Queen, Miles Axelrod & Professor Z.

Age Suitability: 5 years+

Macks Team Truck

LEGO Cars 2 Mack's Team Truck

This Cars 2 themed set combines big rig movie action with brick building fun, includes Mack & Lightning McQueen.

Age Suitability: 7 years+

LEGO Airport

LEGO City Airport

Containing over 700 pieces this set allows you to build an airport with control tower and a large passenger plane.

Age Suitability: 5 years+

lego Deluxe Brick Box

LEGO Deluxe Brick Box

Featuring an assortment of 700 LEGO bricks, this box will allow children to let their imaginations run riot!

Age Suitability: 4 years+

LEGO Harbour

LEGO City Harbour

This 551-piece LEGO set is packed with vehicles and accessories, including a cargo ship, truck and crane.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

LEGO Mobile Police Unit

LEGO City Mobile Police Unit

The Mobile Police Unit measures 33cm long when fully constructed. The set also includes a car and motorbike.

Age Suitability: 5 years+

LEGO Police Station

LEGO City Police Station

One of the most popular City sets, the LEGO City Police Station contains an impressive 783 pieces.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

LEGO Powerboat Transporter

LEGO City Powerboat Transporter

The impressive looking powerboat carried on the back of the transporter trailer floats in water.

Age Suitability: 5 years+

LEGO Space Centre

LEGO City Space Centre

The star of this 494-piece LEGO set is of course the rocket, which stands at an impressive 36cm tall.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

LEGO Space Shuttle

LEGO City Space Shuttle

When fully constructed, the LEGO City Space Shuttle measures over 20cm tall and 25cm wide.

Age Suitability: 5 years+

Duplo Cars 2 Mack’s Road Trip

LEGO Duplo Cars 2 Mack’s Road Trip

This twenty four piece Cars 2 themed LEGO Duplo set is perfect for preschool aged children.

Age Suitability: 2 years+

LEGO Heroica

LEGO Games Castle Fortaan

Castle Fortaan has fallen to the Goblin King, you must find a way past the Goblin horde to defeat the him!

Age Suitability: 8 years+

lego Creationary

LEGO Games Creationary

In this board game 3 - 8 players take turns guessing what each other is building using the supplied LEGO bricks.

Age Suitability: 7 years+

LEGO Harry Potter Game

LEGO Games Harry Potter Hogwarts

Based on Hogwarts, this 332-piece game can be played by 2-4 players, with each round lasting around 10-20 mins.

Age Suitability: 7 years+

LEGO Hogwarts Express

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express

Use the 646 pieces that come with the set to build the Hogwarts Express and Mr Weasley’s flying car.

Age Suitability: 8 years+

LEGO Knight Bus

LEGO Harry Potter The Knight Bus

When fully constructed, the Knight Bus measures 12cm long and 15cm tall. Includes three minifigures.

Age Suitability: 7 years+

Mindstorms NXT 2.0

LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0

Follow the instructions to build 4 robots featuring motors, light, sound & touch sensors, or design your own.

Age Suitability: 10 years+

Ninjago Fire Temple

LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple

Split the temple in half to release the Fire Dragon! The Temple Measures over 25cm wide and 27cm tall.

Age Suitability: 8 years+

Garmadons Dark Fortress

LEGO Garmadon’s Dark Fortress

When constructed the fortress measures over 25cm tall and 28cm wide. The huge spider is detachable.

Age Suitability: 8 years+

LEGO Train

LEGO Passenger Train Set

This LEGO Train set includes a train, two carriages, controller, three minifigures, platform and track.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

LEGO Queen Annes Revenge

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Queen Anne’s Revenge

The LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Queen Annes Revenge - Set 4195, measures 50cm tall and 66cm wide.

Age Suitability: 9 years+

LEGO Whitecap Bay

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Whitecap Bay

Captain Jack Sparrow and the other pirates must capture a mermaid. Spot them using the searchlight & shoot the net from the cannon.

Age Suitability: 7 years+

LEGO Clone Turbo Tank

LEGO Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank

Featuring 1141 pieces the LEGO Clone Turbo Tank is a must have toy for Star Wars fans young and old.

Age Suitability: 9 years+

LEGO Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator

LEGO Star Wars Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator

Fold the wings, deploy the landing gear and lift the hatch to reveal the Sith Infiltrator’s detailed interior!

Age Suitability: 7 years+

LEGO Ewok Attack

LEGO Star Wars Ewok Attack

This treetop hideout has a secret compartment, stone launcher, flick firing logs, a log trap and retractable ladder.

Age Suitability: 7 years+

LEGO General Grievous Starfighter

LEGO Star Wars General Grievous Starfighter

Build a movie-realistic version of the General Grievous Starfighter with this 454 piece LEGO Star Wars set.

Age Suitability: 8 years+

LEGO Republic Frigate

LEGO Star Wars Republic Frigate

Take the Jedi Knights and clone heroes into battle with the huge 1022 piece LEGO Republic Frigate!

Age Suitability: 7 years+

LEGO Sith Nightspeeder

LEGO Star Wars Sith Nightspeeder

The main body of the Sith Nightspeeder features 2 flick-firing missile launchers and detachable twin pods.

Age Suitability: 7 years+

LEGO The Battle of Naboo

LEGO Star Wars The Battle of Naboo

Jar Jar Binks and his fellow Gungans prepare to fight back against the invasion in this authentic 241 piece Lego Star Wars set.

Age Suitability: 7 years+

Technic Flatbed Truck

LEGO Technic Flatbed Truck

This 1115-piece LEGO Technic Flatbed Truck boasts a motorised flatbed, working winch and wheel lift.

Age Suitability: 10 years+

Technic Supercar

LEGO Technic Supercar

This huge 1282-piece LEGO Technic Supercar includes incredibly authentic accessories and details.

Age Suitability: 11 years+

Toy Story 3 Train

LEGO Western Train Chase

Another Toy Story 3 themed LEGO set - includes train plus three carriages and six Toy Story characters.

Age Suitability: 7 years+

Hamster Playground

Littlest Pet Shop Hamster Playground

This fantastic playset comes with 1 hamster, 1 mouse pet, and a range of ingenious accessories.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Littlest Pet Shop Treehouse

Littlest Pet Shop Magic Motion Treehouse

The Magic Motion Treehouse has threee levels and over eight activities to keep animal friends entertained.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Littlest Pet Shop

Littlest Pet Shop Rescue Centre

Help make all of your little pets feel better with the Littlest Pet Shop Rescue Centre playset from Hasbro.

Age Suitability: 4 years+


Milky The Bunny

Milky has hidden sensors and clever interactive technology that make him move just like a real rabbit!

Age Suitability: 2 years+

Lalaloopsy Treehouse

Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse

The Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse Playset has lots of imaginative features, working parts & cute little accessories.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Revolution Game

Monopoly Electronic Banking

This swanky electronic banking version of Monopoly is bang on trend for our cash-free society.

Age Suitability: 8 years+

Revolution Game

Monopoly Revolution

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the original game, Hasbro created this version with a round board.

Age Suitability: 8 years+

Moon Dough

Moon Dough Barn

This Moon Dough Playset includes barn, fence and hay moulds, themed play mat and 3 colours of Moon Dough.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Moon Dough Zoo

Moon Dough Magic Zoo

Create your very own zoo full of funky animals using the brightly coloured Moon Dough and animal moulds.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Moon Sand Bake Shop

Moon Sand Bake Shop

The Moon Sand Bake Shop includes a mixer, moon sand, moulds, measuring spoons, knife, plates and a sand box.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Abbey Bominable

Monster High Abbey Bominable Doll

Abbey Bominable is one of the coolest ghouls in school with her trendy fashion, accessories and cute pet.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

Draculaura & Clawd Wolf

Monster High Draculaura & Clawd Wolf Dolls Gift Set

This fantastic gift set features Monster High’s cutest couple, Draculaura and Clawd Wolf, plus accessories.

Age Suitability: 6 years+


Monster High Draculaura Doll

This Monster High Doll comes with a fantastic outfit, pet bat, pink skull-shaped brush, diary and parasol.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

Ghoulia Yelps

Monster High Ghoulia Yelps Doll

Ghoulia Yelps is a zombie girl with a pet owl called Sir Hoots A Lot! Also comes with diary & accessories.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

Monster High Lagoona Blue Hydration Station

A bubbly and illuminated water bed for the coolest ghoul in school that doubles up as room decor.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

Spectra Vondergeist

Monster High Spectra Vondergeist Doll

Impetuous, forceful and prone to fits of slight exaggeration, Spectra Vondergeist is the daughter of ghosts!

Age Suitability: 6 years+

Moshi Monsters Gold Collection

Moshi Monsters - Gold Collection Moshling Tin

Collect the exclusive Gold Moshling figures. Includes 8 different Moshlings and comes with an exclusive collector tin to store your collection in.

Age Suitability: 4 years+


Moshi Monsters Diavlo

Diavlo is one of the most popular Moshi Monsters. A cross between a fiery devil and a bat, he’s a black, red and yellow with volcanic personality!

Age Suitability: 4 years+


Moshi Monsters Furi

Furi is a gentle giant with soft and fluffy fur. A cross between a Yeti and an orang-utan, he’s a bright orange super furry animal!

Age Suitability: 4 years+


Moshi Monsters Katsuma

Squeeze Katsuma's tummy and he’ll chatter away, giggle and laugh. Comes complete with adoption certificate.

Age Suitability: 4 years+


Moshi Monsters Luvli

A cross between a cherry and a poppet, Luvli is a big hit with little girls. She loves being cute and looks gorgeous.

Age Suitability: 4 years+


Moshi Monsters Poppet

Poppet has her own unique personality, reactions and sound effects. She’s a bit shy but has a friendly nature.

Age Suitability: 4 years+


Moshi Monsters Zommer

Snuggle up with Zommer, and listen to him laugh, giggle and talk in the Moshi language when you squeeze his tummy.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Moshling Treehouse

Moshi Monsters Treehouse

The tree house opens to reveal cute little living spaces in the body of the trunk and the leafy green section.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

My First Baby Annabell

My First Baby Annabell Time to Sleep

One of the Toy Retailers Association’s top toys for girls for 2011, Annabell is a doll with a super soft body, sleepy-time functions and realistic movements.

Age Suitability: 1 years+

Nerf N-Strike Barricade

Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10

Incredibly quick off the mark, this trusty, semi-automatic sidearm Nerf gun comes complete with a 10-dart revolving barrel.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

Nerf N-Strike

Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS

Launch an all-out assault with the fully automatic Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS which comes with 60 foam darts.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

Nerf Vortex

Nerf Vortex Nitron

The Nerf Vortex shoots long-range foam & plastic core discs designed to go the extra mile with accuracy.

Age Suitability: 8 years+


Nintendo 3DS

Groundbreaking, mind-boggling, futuristic - the Nintendo 3DS games console is all these things and more.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

Ocean In My Pocket

Ocean In My Pocket Coral Reef

Have fun with Elsa the whale and her three cute babies in the Ocean In My Pocket Coral Reef playset.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Octonauts Gup A

Octonauts Gup A Vehicle

Open the box and you’ll find: 1 Barnacles figure, the Gup A submarine, 1 net, 1 grabber, 1 hook and 1 angler fish.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Octonauts Gup B

Octonauts Gup B Vehicle

Pop open the dome and put Kwazii into the Gup B - his beloved orange, shark-shaped submarine.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Octonauts Gup-D

Octonauts Gup D Vehicle

Look inside the box and you’ll find the Gup-D, Barnacles Bear figure, scuba tank, air hose, rescue net and a colour-change mantra ray.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Octonauts Octopod

Octonauts Octopod Playset

This Octonauts playset is instantly recognisable as the trio’s aquatic HQ. Includes figures and accessories.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Peppa Pig Tumble & Spin

Peppa Pig Tumble & Spin

Winner of the Toy Fair's New Children’s Game of the Year, this game is bound to be a hit with all Peppa fans.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Peppa Pig Palace

Peppa Pig Princess Peppa’s Palace

One of the 12 dream toys chosen by the toy retailers association, this palace playset comes with figures and accessories.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Play-Doh Pizza Shop

Play-Doh Twirl 'n Top Pizza Shop

Roll out the Play-Doh and “bake" it in the oven mould, then add pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms and more!

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Smashed Potatoes

Play-Doh Smashed Potatoes Game

Be careful where you land in this fantastic game or your potato could get snipped, sliced, pressed into fries or cranked into chips!

Age Suitability: 5 years+

Playmobil Camper Van

Playmobil Camper

This colourful camper van is packed with camping equipment and comes with two adult, and two child figures.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Great Dragon Castle

Playmobil Great Dragon Castle

Measuring 65cm long & 54cm high, and packed full of features, the Great Dragon Castle will encourage creative play.

Age Suitability: 5 years+

Playmobil Police Headquarters

Playmobil Police Station

The Playmobil Police Headquarters has an interrogation room, reception area and jail cell with removable bars!

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Playmobil Police Headquarters

Playmobil Pyramid

The Playmobil Pyramid is an impressive size and beautifully detailed, it features treasure, traps & secret chambers!

Age Suitability: 5 years+

Secret Agent Headquarters

Playmobil Secret Agent Headquarters

The Playmobil Secret Agent Headquarters is a super cool spy centre that comes with all the trimmings.

Age Suitability: 7 years+

Elefun Busy Ball Popper

Playskool Poppin Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper

Watch in amazement as balls pop out of the elephant's trunk onto the floor, or through the ears and into his belly!

Age Suitability: 9 months+

Polly Pocker Roller Coaster

Polly Pocket Rollercoaster Resort

Send Polly Pocket up the escalator, through the tunnel, to the exotic waterfall slide and mountain top pool.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Froggio Game

Pop Goes Froggio

Pop Goes Froggio includes a butterfly spinner unit with a plastic tube, foam Froggio, lilypad launcher and12 lilypads.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Postman Pat Helicopter

Postman Pat Deluxe Electronic Helicopter

Pat's helicopter plays the SDS tune and some of Pat's phrases, has a spinning propeller and working light.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Pumpaloons Game


A pushing, pumping and stomping game where the aim is to race to blow up the 3ft inflatable characters.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Rhino Rampage Game

Rhino Rampage

The aim of Rhino Rampage is to get all of your bird counters onto the Rhino's back before he knocks them.

Age Suitability: 5 years+

Rolobox Kit


Rolobox is a toy that teaches children about construction, recycling and resourcefulness in a fun way.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Lets Rock Elmo

Sesame Street Lets Rock Elmo

Much more than a cute plush toy, Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo is a one-man band.

Age Suitability: 18 months+

Spy Net Watch

Spy Net Video Watch

A great gift junior James Bonds, this watch from Jakks Pacific contains a hidden camera and microphone.

Age Suitability: 8 years+

Ultimate FX Lightsaber

Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsaber

LED lighting, power up features and motion-controlled sound effects make this a must for any discerning Jedi.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

Matchbox Stinky

Stinky The Garbage Truck

This bright green and white electronic garbage truck from Matchbox can sing, speak, dance and swallow cars!

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Sylvanian Ambulance

Sylvanian Families Ambulance

Part of the 2011 Sylvanian Families range, the ambulance comes with a stretcher and medical supplies.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Beechwood Hall

Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall

Beechwood Hall has five rooms spread between two floors, a detachable staircase and working lights.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Sylvanian Cedar Terrace

Sylvanian Families Cedar Terrace

Cedar Terrace is a three-storey town house that is big enough to hold an entire Sylvanian Family.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Sylvanian Families Caravan

Sylvanian Families Caravan

The perfect way for Sylvanian Families to holiday! The caravan opens up and comes with over 25 accessories.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Highfields Farm

Sylvanian Families Highfields Farm

The farmhouse has a thatched roof, exposed beams and a dormer window, plus there's a moveable staircase.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Sylvanian Families Kangaroos

Sylvanian Families Kangaroo Family

There are 4 members of the Kangaroo Family; father Bruce, mother Sheila, sister Joanne & baby brother Joey.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Sylvanian Families Labradors

Sylvanian Families Chocolate Labrador Family

The Hunter-Smyth family includes Dad Charles, Mum Camilla and brother & sister Hector and Isabella.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Sylvanian Meerkats

Sylvanian Families Meerkat Family

This four figure family set includes Harry Spotter (Dad), Beatrix Spotter (Mum) and their 2 children Alfie & Gail.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Sylvanian Motorcycle

Sylvanian Families Motorcycle & Sidecar

A fantastic red and cream vintage style motorcycle & sidecar that comes with George & Mildred Mulberry figures.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Sylvanian Bus

Sylvanian Families Woodland Bus

There's room on this vintage style, open top double decker bus for 12 passengers, a bus driver and conductor!

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Teacup Piggies Limo

Teacup Piggies Showtime Limo

The Teacup Piggies Showtime Limo comes with all the trimmings a style-conscious piggy could possibly want.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

Teacup Piggies

Teacup Piggies Snowflake

Snowflake says over 25 different phrases, snores when you lie her down, and can drink from her special bottle.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

The Cube Game

The Cube Board Game

In this electronic board game based on the popular TV show, each player has 9 lives to complete the challenges.

Age Suitability: 8 years+

The Logo Game

The Logo Board Game

If you think you know your brands, now’s the time to prove it and put your knowledge to the test! Includes 1600 questions - plenty to keep brains busy!

Age Suitability: 12 years+

Follow Me Thomas

Thomas & Friends Follow Me Thomas

Point the light up lantern at the floor and Thomas will move towards it. As he moves he plays sound effects.

Age Suitability: 2 years+

Timmy Time Nursery School

Timmy Time Nursery School

Fans of the Timmy Time tv show will love this nursery school playset which comes with figures & accessories.

Age Suitability: 3 years+


Toffee The Pony

Created by Flair, Toffee The Pony can raise his head, make neighing sounds, move his ears and opens his eyes.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Popup Pirate

Tomy Pop Up Pirate Game

If your sword activates the barrel’s ejection mechanism, the pirate pops out of the barrel and it’s Davy Jones’ locker for you!

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Toy Story Buckaroo

Toy Story 3 Bullseye Buckaroo

Load up Bullseye with a wagon wheel, lantern, horseshoe, guitar, Sheriff’s badge, cactus, Woody’s boot and more!

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Toy Story 3 Operation

Toy Story 3 Operation

Take a classic game and combine it with a fantastic film, and you get this brilliant Toy Story 3 Operation game.

Age Suitability: 6 years+

Toy Story Scalextric

Toy Story Scalextric

This fantastic Toy Story themed micro Scalextric includes Buzz Lightyear & Woody The Cowboy cars.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Kidizoom Twist

VTech Kidizoom Twist

The Kidizoom Twist is a 2 megapixel camera that features a twisting lens, built-in flash, and colour screen.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Video Camera

VTech Kidizoom Video Camera

This Video Camera from VTech has a 1.8 inch TFT full-colour LCD screen, and a 4x digital zoom.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Bark Park

Zhu Zhu Puppies Bark Park

Every Zhu Zhu puppy needs a place to play and that’s where the Zhu Zhu Puppies Bark Park playset comes in.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Zhu Zhu Salon

Zhu Zhu Hamsters Grooming Salon

The perfect playset to pamper your Zhu Zhu Hamsters! This grooming salon has a working hair dryer & lights.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

Zingzillas Playset

Zingzillas Big Zing Playset

The Big Zing Playset features lights, sounds, phrases and music from the show. Also comes with a Zak figure.

Age Suitability: 3 years+

Zoobles Nursery

Zoobles Nursery Playset

Mama and her twin babies will have hours of fun in the Zoobles nursery. Includes a pushchair with spinning handle.

Age Suitability: 4 years+

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